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The Garden of Natural Beauty Denpark Welcome to Denpark!

General Information

Hours 9:30-17:00 ( No admission after 16:30)
Hours are subjct to change.
Winter Season : 9:30-16:30(No admission after 16:00)
To be extended at night (until 21:00)during special events such as "Summer Night Festival" and "Romantic Christmas".
No pet Allowed(except assistance dogs).


Tuesday (or the next day when national holiday falls on Tuesday),
New Year Holidays(Dec. 27-Jau.1),The 3rd Tuesday in January and the follwin 2 days.


Free up to 1000 cars and 20 large vehicled.


Adults : 600yen
Students(Elementary and Junior High school) : 300yen


Public transport

#Up to JR Anjo Station
-By JR Tokaido Line Express:22min from Nagoya or 25min from Toyohashi.
-By Meitetsu Line:Get off at Shin-Anjo.
Take a Meitetsu bus bound for "Anjo-Kosei-Byoin" and get off at "Anjo Eki Mae" (=JR Anjo Station).

#From JR Anjo Station to Denpark
-Take an "ANKURU Bus" Nanbu Line ; or Sakurai Nishi Line,and get off "Denpark".


-From Nagoya or Gamagori: Take Route 23(Chiryu-Bypass) up to Izumi Exit.
And 5min ride from there.
-By Tomei Expressway : Get off on Toyota(eastbound) or Okazaki (westbound) Exit.
And then 45 min ride to Denpark.

The Renaissance of Japan's Denmark...Refreshing the Spirit

Denpark offers the visitor a totally new experience with a chance to escape urban surroundings and refresh the spirit by enjoying the best that nature has to offer.
The design of Denpark is intended to nurture the same sense of affinity with the plants,trees,soil,and other elements of nature that rural residents know so well.
You can enjoy the unique hands-on experience of growing your own food bearing your own brand name surrounded by a natural environment of flowers and plants.
Visitors can also enjoy renowned local delicacies while exploring the park at your own pace.
A wide range of events, including lectures and hands-on classes, help visitors learn the joys and comforts of the natural life.

The City of Anjo,"Japan's Denmark"

The city of Anjo,located in the heart of Aichi prefecture, is renowned for its outstanding agricultural management that has served as a model for all of Japan Anjo's diverse approach to agriculture has made it a successful farming center for rice, farm crops,fruit,and livestock.
This success has attracted comparison to Denmark, a country known for its agricultural advancements.
Denpark, by offering the visitor an unsurpassed experience amidst the finest of nature's flowers and natural beauty, highlights the historic agricultural diversity that has made Anjo famous.